Empowering Fish Farmers with Smart Solutions

Transforming Fish Farming in Africa

Fish Box Africa offers state-of-the-art Fish Farm Management Solutions designed to improve the way fish farmers operate.

Our AI-based software and IoT-enabled feeder devices ensure precise feeding, reducing costs, and minimising environmental impact. Join us in fostering sustainable and profitable fish farming.

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Feeding Efficiency & Community Impact



Feeding efficiency is a critical aspect of fish farming, and FishBox Africa's smart feeders are designed to optimize this process. By precisely controlling feed delivery and monitoring consumption, our feeders help farmers reduce waste, minimize costs, and promote optimal growth. This not only benefits the farmers but also has a positive impact on the local community.


By providing fresh, sustainable fish to the market, FishBox Africa helps to ensure food security and supports the local economy. Additionally, our solutions can help farmers adapt to the challenges posed by climate change, such as changing weather patterns and water scarcity, by providing them with the tools they need to manage their farms more effectively.


Community Engagement and Empowerment

FishBox Africa empowers fish farmers, particularly women, by providing accessible and user-friendly solutions. The company engages with local communities to raise awareness about sustainable practices and climate change impact.


FishBox Africa fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing to build a resilient and sustainable fish farming community


Climate Change and Fish Farming

Climate change threatens fish farming in Africa. FishBox Africa's solutions help farmers monitor and manage their farms effectively, reducing risks associated with climate change.


By supporting sustainable practices, FishBox Africa contributes to a more resilient and food-secure future.


Women's Impact in Fish Farming

Women play a crucial role in fish farming in Africa, managing small-scale farms and contributing to local food supply.


FishBox Africa empowers women by providing AI-powered farm management software and IoT-based smart feeders to optimize operations, reduce costs, and increase yields, improving livelihoods and farm sustainability.


Fish Farming with Smart Solutions.

Fish Box Africa was founded with a vision to bridge the gap between traditional fish farming and modern technological advancements. With a dedicated team of experts in AI, IoT, and aquaculture, we strive to empower fish farmers across Africa to achieve greater productivity and sustainability.



Our Mission

To connect people with real fish while empowering fish farmers through innovative technologies. We are committed to addressing critical challenges such as overfishing, environmental degradation, and social inequalities in the fishery sector.

Our Vision

To lead the growth and development of sustainable fish farming in Africa through cutting-edge technology, making a significant impact on local ecosystems and economies.



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The Scenario Before FishBox

Living in Nairobi, I was overwhelmed by the challenge of managing my fish cages located over 460 kilometers away on the lake. Hiring professional feeders was prohibitively expensive, so I had to rely on local fishermen. However, their inconsistency, lack of record-keeping, and potential for feed theft were constant sources of anxiety.

The daily fuel costs for boat trips to my cages quickly piled up, and I could never be certain that my fish were actually being fed. This uncertainty caused immense stress and threatened the profitability of my entire operation.

Then I discovered Fish Box Africa's smart feeder, and it was truly a game-changer! Now, I can control my feeding schedule from the comfort of my home, eliminating the need for daily trips and drastically reducing my fuel costs.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The precise feeding control has minimized feed wastage, directly boosting my bottom line. The detailed reports generated by the feeder give me a clear picture of my feed consumption, enabling me to make informed decisions for my business.

Fish Box Africa has given me peace of mind and the tools to run my fish farm efficiently and profitably, even from a distance. I wholeheartedly recommend their smart feeder to any farmer facing similar challenges

Fish Farmer Living in Nairobi with a farm up-country

As a fish farmer in a remote village, the distance between my home and my cage was a constant struggle. The long walks and boat rides to feed my fish were time-consuming and exhausting, leaving me with little time for my family or other tasks. I was always worried about whether my fish were getting the right amount of food, which directly impacted their growth and my income.

Discovering Fish Box Africa's smart feeder was a turning point. Now, I can feed my fish remotely with just a few taps on my phone. It’s incredibly convenient and saves me so much time and effort. I no longer have to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding, as the feeder automatically dispenses the perfect amount of food at the right times.

Thanks to Fish Box Africa, I'm no longer just a fish farmer; I'm a businesswoman. My fish are healthier, my profits are up, and I have more time to focus on growing my business and enjoying my family. This smart feeder has truly empowered me to achieve my dreams!

Fish Farmer Living up-country with a farm up-country

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